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17 April 2011 @ 04:25 pm

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08 July 2009 @ 05:38 pm
So I felt like writing an entry today. ^^ I know I haven't done so in a while and it's pretty clear that I write when I feel like it. XD

Hmmm I'm down in SD taking summer classes. I'm taking 3; philosophy and english at a cc and ochem a at UCSD. Tuesdays and Thursdays are tiring because I have class for 9 am to 9 pm at night. たいへんですよ!It's been 2 weeks and we're already on the 4th chapter of ochem. Dam..I'm behind.

Sorority life is good. I always have something to do and it's way easier to find people to hang out with :) I'm also fundraising chair so that keeps me busy too. I just had lunch with some of my pledge sisters and bros and also my lil bro. yes I have a lil bro now. I feel so old...being a 3rd year doesn't help either.

Last weekend I went to anime expo. It was fun and adventurous. The adventurous part was due to my roommate whom I had promised to take this year. She nearly killed me last year for not taking her so I decided to not take that risk this year. ^^; Anyways it was adventurous because I got dragged around by her when something that had to do with jrock appeared. Thus...

They're half of Auncia. Funny story actually. She saw some cute boys on her way out of the restroom and decided to drag me to take a picture of/with them. After chatting with them we found out that they were in a band that was performing that night in lil tokyo haha  I touched the leader's arm taking this picture. I think I stole some fans' dreams ^^; haha Dam..we should've hugged them haha It's not everyday that I get to meet famous people. They acted so cute. They thought we were just going to take a picture of just them (I thought the same.) Then, to my surprise, my roommate dragged me into the picture with her. When the two guys realized this they didn't want to stand next to each other anymore and shifted us to the middle haha

AND then we saw another guy....I think his name is Satsuki? We wanted a picture with him too but he told us to go to his photo/interview session later that night. Want to hear a creepy yet funnny story? Here goes...so I was still facing him but my roommate turned around and started walking away since our conversion with him ended. Then out of no where he shouts out "まっているよ!" and then "I will wait for you!" [x2] AND  then he said it again like 2 or 3 more times in a deep voice. Not only that he was stalking my roommate for a couple of steps and shouting all this into her ear. Dude if she had stopped and turned around their faces would've smashed into each other. While all this was happening I was smiling and laughing inside. haha! I guess this was supposed to be "kya!" moment for Japanese girls? No offense intended :X

Lesson of the day? go up to hot non-american dressed japanese guys. chances are...they might be in a japanese band XD

anywayssss I spent a bill at AX. Most of it was spent at the artist gallery. oh and I saw Mana and his band. This is the first time i heard and witnessed a person not speaking directly at people..the guy with the red hair was pretty funny with his stories about spiderman fighting a mcdonald's sign at santa monica pier. haha

AX was fun this year ^__^

I guess this will be all for now!

bye bye!

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I ditched history reading for this! Totally worth it!!

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I saw the MOST beautiful man EVER last night!!!

I woke up early but my sister and I ended up leaving the house around 11:30ish. I went to buy Michiocan burritos since the wait was going to take all day. We started lining up at 11:45 am and the line did not consist of, I swear, even 25 people. I was so pissed off when people from the online fan club started cutting into the line as if they had the right to do so. They let us in around 5:30 pm. and there was like 100 people ahead of me. Wouldn't you be pissed off?! Anyways the wait was extremely long but the screening finally started at 6:30 pm. I sat at the center of the 5th row.

After they dimmed the lights, the curtains separated themselves from the center and the fans started to scream. haha Too bad Matsujun was behind it. XP Instead, there was a screen behind the curtains. Scenes of C-3PO in the Star Wars movies began to light up the screen.

Afterwards, Anthony Daniels walked up to the stage. I know it was mean but I was looking towards the back of the theatre after Daniels walked in because logically Matsujun will also walk through the same doors. And sure enough I saw him. He kind of snuck into the room and hid in the corner behind a bunch of people before he was introduced. I saw this and just screamed out "there he is!!" then all the fans just flicked their heads towards the direction of the doors haha When Daniels finally introduced the director, Shinji Haguchi, and Matsumoto Jun, the fans screamed like crazy. He is so beautiful in person!!! My sister and I, surprisingly, started crying when he walked down the aisle. haha He had on a pair of dark tanned pants with black boots. On top was a nice dark pastel green dress shirt with a dark green striped tie. Over that was a navy blue blazer with 2 pins attached to his jacket. His hair was perfect. His face was perfect. It was clear and light. His lips were pink (well what other color can they be?) and looked -drools- well in total he was -drools- haha I'm sure it's freaky but, yes, I starred at him the entire time. When it was Matsujun's turn to talk, we all screamed every time he completed a sentence XP I'm so proud of him for memorizing his intro speech in English! His voice is sexy too! ^^

Anyways...after the introductions they took press pictures with us in the background. After THAT the screening started. A lot of people, including myself, sighed "YES!" when the subtitles came on. haha XP The movie was good and I knew 3 out of the 4 main characters. I have never seen any of the three act the way they did, with the action and all, so it was pretty interesting to watch.

When the the lights came back on, the Q&A session began. There were 6 people onstage: a guy leading the discussion, Anthony Daniels, Matsumoto Jun, Director Shinji Haguchi, and 2 translators.There were typical questions like "what made you decide to recreate the famous film" and so forth. I felt sorry for the fan who got to ask her question first. She was so nervous that no one understood what she was trying to ask. Daniels tried to save her but he got it wrong too. haha Matsumoto got a lot of questions, of course, but it was great that not all the questions were directed towards him. That would show that all the fans came just for him and not to watch his movie, ne? XP Well it also helped that most of the questions weren't from the fans. I think they were USC film students. XD It was funny..when someone would compliment Jun, he would do the thing that Japanese people always do where they nod their heads forwards and backwards? I don't know how to explain it but I'm pretty sure anyone who has seen enough Japanese clips has seen it. The fans would scream and he would look all bashful. haha One of the translators sucked at translating and there were some parts that didn't get translated. The people that understood were all "Awww...he's so sweet!!" Dammit I wanted to know!! =(

The Q&A ended with the guy who was leading the discussion cutting Jun off. -sprouting devil horns- As Jun was leaving a couple of the fans gave him bouquets of flowers and he actually accepted them!! One of the girls came back screaming that she touched his hand. haha SO lucky!! I should do that next time so I can grope their hands =D

After that they served us food while Matsujun made a break for it. Well he didn't go off running haha Just that we never saw him again =( I miss him already. So depressed because that was it. No more seeing him again. But if I ever do..it probably wouldn't be as close and as long =( But I feel lucky that I had the chance to see him live in person!

Yea so as I was driving home, my sister was trying to blast some Matsujun performances from my poor laptop. And I got lost in downtown AGAIN -.- so I just kept driving straight towards the CT direction until I saw the 110 North sign haha

Oh yea I changed out of my short shorts and into my jeans in the car in the parking lot because my dad would kill me =D

Oh and another thing. While walking to the parking lot, I started thanking Matsujun's parents and Akira's parents and the director's parents and whoever else's parents for bringing Matsujun here to LA. haha My sister thought I turned retarded. =D

I think that tis all! Sorry about my style of writing. I just wrote like how I talk..with lots of like's and laughing (haha's) XP

Here are some pictures.

I just saw my page on google after typing in the name of the event so due to me not wanting to get into trouble and making the US fans look bad I made another post with the pics under f-lock.

just for fun..

So I posted that first line on my AIM status. Those of you who have my sn are well aware of that haha anyways these are the responses I recieved from my guy friends.

ERIK: i wasn't aware you saw me yesterday
ME: hah!
ME: we weren't even in the same city

JACK: did you look at a picture of me last night?
ME: no?
JACK: you must have
JACK: it says you saw the most beautiful man last night
ME: ....
ME: --+

That's Jack for you --+
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10 April 2008 @ 11:50 am
Dear Nancy,

You and your guest are indeed on the list.

OMFG!! That just made my day! I'm going to see Matsumoto Jun at the USC Last Fortress premiere!!! I'm so excited!! This is a freakin once in a lifetime chance. Ahhh!!! I'm going to smile the whole day now, William! haha
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